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Workers' Compensation Law Marketing

"I've spent $17,500 over the course of a year with Dawe & Gardner, and have seen a 30% increase in my case load. They have not only proven an incredible return for me, but are now helping grow my firm with the two additional associates I've hired." - Jefferey, Injury Law - Valdosta, GA

Our Services Include

Defining the FirmU.S.P., Niche, Competition

Defining The FocusStrengths & Target Market

Defining The Goals1YR, 3YR, 5YR Strategy

Client Experience7 Step Retention Process

Digital StrategyWebsite, LP's, SEO & More!

Offline StrategyDiscovery, Creative, & Execution

VideographyWriting, Shooting, Delivery

The Kitchen SinkWe'll get it done.

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"Dawe & Gardner Legal Marketing put my firm on the map, literally. I now have a great looking website, am getting new cases every month from individuals finding me through search, and we are now launching a few marketing campaigns to boost my reach throughout Rome."
- Michael, Family Law - Rome, GA

The Process Is Simple! Here’s How it Works.


By answering just a few questions we'll be able to confirm: 1) If your territory is available 2) How we can help


Assuming everything looks good from the partnership application, we will do a Preliminary Discovery Assessment of the defined territory, your firm's current standing, and competition. Then, we will set a call to discuss options.


After the Options Call, if you believe, together, we will set your firm on the path to success, we will meet in person to sign agreements and get started immediately.

"Eric flew up to discuss and lay out a strategy for my WorkComp & P.I. firm. I'm very pleased with the results I've seen so far from the online strategy and my referrals have gone up from our offline campaigns." - John, WorkComp Law - Boston, MA

A simple partnership application is all you need to do today.  Taking 3 minutes NOW could change the future of your firm for the next 30 years.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping your firm!

YES, I want a successful law practice!

Why D&G?

We've Combined A Successful Marketing Firm & Successful Law Firm

Dawe & Gardner has partnered to bring law practices a new level of service; unmatched knowledge specifically tailored to family law, injury law, work comp law, estate law, criminal law, & mass tort law in both marketing and client services backed by 46 years of experience.

We Only Represent One Client Per Defined Territory

Our services are not only uniquely specific to your law practice, they are based upon geographic exclusivity as well.  We believe focusing our efforts on 1 firm in 1 area, with non-disclosure agreements, will result in a higher level of client satisfaction.  Competitors will try and copy your success, so we take measures to make sure your strategy remains confidential.   

We're Not Here To Provide Theoretical Information. We're Here To Implement Our Proven Knowledge & Strategy For Your Practice.

There are groups you can join if you’re looking to be told what to do and want to try and market your practice yourself, costing enormous amounts of time, and trial & error money.  Dawe & Gardner is here to provide a full scale marketing engine, coupled with proven law practice operations (specific to each specialty) and client services, and implement the entire system so you can focus on practicing law.

  • 46 Yrs Experience in Agency Marketing & Legal Practice
  • 1 Client Per Defined Territory (150mi Radius)
  • Proven System, Implemented & Managed For You - Not DIY Theory

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